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Tora Creations objective is to bridge craftsmen community and buyers by solving the problem of employement generation amoung craftsmen community. Tora creations has increased craftsman’s revenue by 2.5 times since January 2017 by giving them regular business.

It all started in Mughal era while on tour, It is found many craftsmen and their community are fading away / in vanishing stage due to lack of innovation (new designs with respect to time) lack of interest by youngsters to take it further in the community and lack of marketing skills even if youngsters are interested.

Tora Creations is a name pertaining to Carving, Weaving, by Expert craft persons

Tora Creations motto is to promote Indian crafts with a unique combination of arts and Vedic Mythology.

Tora Creations is an e-commerce platform sells handmade products.

You can buy handmade products through Tora creations and promote Indian crafts, SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE

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Tora creations is livelihood developmental initiative involved in developing a direct network between master craftsmen, artisans, workers  producing world class craft (handmade) / handloom products across India. With an in-depth research on 200+ varieties of handicraft/handloom products identified which are commercially viable.

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